Dedicated and committed volunteers play important roles in adding great value to Elder Help Peel’s programs and services. Volunteers from a range of cultures and language backgrounds ensure that specific client needs are met. Elder Help Peel programs and services derive their strength and effectiveness from the diversity of its volunteers.

Volunteers at Elder Help Peel participate as board and committee members, and as providers of many essential services and programs. Volunteers help Elder Help Peel achieve its mission. Volunteering is a very rewarding task. Volunteers have the opportunity to enhance, brighten a day and lighten the burden of loneliness bringing hope in an isolated senior’s life. Elder Help Peel on its part is committed to ensuring that the needs of its clients are met and that the volunteer experience is also rewarding and fulfilling to the volunteers.

Training is available. All that is needed is a minimum of two hours a week of your time and commitment to make a difference in someone life


Come volunteer with us:

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