Abuse can occur anywhere, including at home and in care settings. People with dementia are especially vulnerable because the disease may prevent them from reporting the abuse or recognizing it. They also may fall prey to strangers who take advantage of their condition.
Elder abuse is violent or abusive harm done to an older person. Elder abuse is often a crime. The abuse could be caused by:

a family member,

a friend,

someone the older person relies on for basic needs, or

staff in group residential settings, such as care homes (including retirement homes, retirement lodges, seniors’ group residences, and supportive housing), and in long-term health care facilities, such as long-term care homes (often known as nursing homes), public hospitals, and complex continuing care facilities.

Someone who commits elder abuse usually has control or influence over the older person. Victims of elder abuse often know and trust their abuser. Some victims of elder abuse depend on the people who hurt them, sometimes for food, shelter, personal care, companionship, or transportation.