Plans for the future

After your family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer disease, you will need to make plans for his or her:

  • Living situation – If he or she lives alone, you need to make sure he or she is safe. If he or she can’t live alone, you need to make a plan. You might have him or her live at home with help, or move to a nursing home.
  • Decision-making – Early on, your family member should choose a “power of attorney.” A power of attorney is someone who can make decisions for him or her when he or she is no longer able to.
  • Money – People have trouble understanding how to manage their money as their disease gets worse. If your family member takes care of his or her own money, you need to check that he or she does it correctly.
  • Driving – If your family member still drives, talk with the doctor about when he or she should stop. The right time to stop is different for each person.