Tips for Caregivers to Stay Healthy

Get moving!
Exercise and enjoy something you like to do (walking, dancing, biking, running, swimming, etc.) for a minimum of 20 minutes at least three times per week. Consider learning a stress-management exercise such as yoga or tai chi, which teaches inner balance and relaxation.
Sit still and breathe deeply with your mind as quiet as possible whenever things feel like they are moving too quickly or you are feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a caregiver. Many times you will feel like you don’t even have a minute to yourself, but it’s important to walk away and to take that time.
Ask for Help
To avoid burnout and stress, enlist the help of other family members, friends, and/or consider hiring a professional non-medical caregiver for assistance. You’ll be surprised at how many people are actually pleased at the opportunity to help.
Take a Break
Make sure you schedule some time to get away – a single day, a weekend, or even a week’s vacation. Talk about different things, read that book you haven’t been able to get to, or see a movie. Only a real break will renew and refresh you.
Eat Well
Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins (including nuts and beans) and whole grains. Indulging in caffeine, fast food and sugar as quick “pick-me-ups” also produce quick “letdowns.”
Maintain your health routine
Just like you make sure your loved one gets to the doctor regularly, make sure you get your annual checkup. You cannot and should not compromise your health.
Treat yourself
Indulge in a foot massage, manicure, nice dinner out, or a concert to renew and rejuvenate. As a caregiver, you deserve some special care and attention.
Find Support
Find a local caregiver support group. You’ll discover others who are going through the same things you are. Just knowing that you’re not alone can be an enormous relief. It’s also a great place to get practical advice and make new friends.

Great resources to help you stay healthy:

You can join a free running club for those interested in running:

For those interested in Yoga, you can join Adriene on the link below for free online Yoga classes:

For those interested in Tai Chi, you can join Dr. Paul Lam on the link below for free online Tai Chi classes:

For healthy food guidelines:

Also, Canada’s food guidelines

Simple viewing version:

Healthy food recipes seen on the link below:

If you would like to attend an Alzheimer Society Peel Caregiver Support Group please contact  905-278-3667 and they will supply you with dates, times, and locations of their groups.

For taking a break: you can join a library book club-see your local library for further information.